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BIO-CHARCOAL: Our solution to a global problem


Wood charcoal is not sustainable


Millions of rural  and urban dweling Africans prepare their meals on inefficient 3-stone wood fires or wood burning stoves. 

These methods of food preparation consume vast amounts of wood and wood- based artisanal charcoal.  Wood harvested for fuel. combined with the clearing of land for agriculture, is leading to the rapid deforestation of Africa. 


Bio-charcoal is the solution


Bio-charcoal is a fuel source made from biomass – including animal, crop and wood waste. The concept has already been proven in Africa and around the world.


Invest in a sustainable future

We are developing an advanced manufacturing system to produce biomass based bio-charcoal on a commercial scale. Your donation will help us stop deforestation by bringing this sustainable fuel source to Burkina Faso and Sub Saharan Africa.

About Empower Village


Empowering through technology

For more than 5 years, Empower Village has been helping the women and children of Burkina Faso through initiatives in shea butter manufacturing and computer lab development in local schools.

Now, they are turning their attention to bringing a sustainable biomass bio-charcoal based solution to them.


Our goal

Empower Village will bring sustainable bio-charcoal to Burkina Faso and help stop deforestation and help ensure the future of its people and Sub Saharan Africa.