Shea butter manufacturing


It all started with shea butter! 

We  empowered the women of Burkina Faso to  create and export shea butter.  

A registered Burkinabe women's groups now leases the Ouagadougou Shea Butter facility for $1 per year and Empower Village helps to export the product. 

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Computers in schools


Technology is the answer!

We empowered students by providing computers in secondary schools. For many, this was the first time they had access to computers and the internet. 

Empower Village continues to create technology labs at schools. 

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Our Bio-charcoal solution


Staying Green!

We are working to empower the Burkinabe people to produce and utilize a sustainable fuel source and help save their woodlands and forests. 

Our goal is to build a series of Bio-charcoal factories that will help to stop deforestation and halt to global warming. .

Empower Village empowers women


Striving for equal opportunity


In 2018, Empower Village opened the Zagtouli Shea butter facility in Ouagadougou, the Capital of Burkina Faso.  The facility has been a game changer for the Burkinabe women involved with it.

Women are the heart of the Shea butter industry across the African Sahel. They traditionally gather Shea fruit, dry and shell the Shea nuts and sell them for small amounts of money. 

The Empower Village developed facility and women’s group provides them with employment as part of the group operating the factory and the entire manufacturing process. These Burkinabe women are paid a fair wage and receive part of the profits the group earns, often using this income to pay for their children's education. 

Zagtouli is the first of several Shea butter facilities in Burkina Faso that Empower Village plans to develop. The Empower Village model involves working with tribal leaders to register a women's group and secure land for the factory. The women group will own and operate the factories, with training assistance provided by the non-profit group, CEAS Burkina. Empower Village asist the women’s groups to export the finished product. Their unrefined Shea butter is used in its pure form as a skin cream and as a product in hair conditioners, body lotions and numerous other related products.

Empower Village is excited to further advance the lives of the Shea women with the bio-charcoal project. In addition to bringing a clean burning sustainable cooking fuel to them, Bio-charcoal can provide