Meet Romaric and David

Romaric Zongo


  Romaric is passionate about the people of the Sahel region of Africa. Born is Sabou, Burkina Faso,

Romaric lived in Minnesota for 17 years where he earned his BS, MS and PhD from the University of Minnesota in Remote Computer Based Learning.

 In 2017, he returned to Burkina Faso to oversee Empower Village and other business interests,  including Empower Village, LLC an exporter of non-processed Shea butter.

Romaric has two adult children who continue to reside in Minnesota 

David Wilke


 David Wilke  brings over 40 years of property and energy development experience to Empower Village. His first trips to the Sahel region of Africa  were to bring hundreds of computers to secondary schools. 

While he continues to lay the framework to bring more technology to students, he is now focused on  bringing sustainable energy to Africa through new bio-mass charcoal technologies.

Our vision

Empowering through technology

These three words are the basis of our Vision and Mission Statement. Empower Village was founded to expand the use of computer and mechanical technologies in education, management and manufacturing. 

For over 5 years, we have been helping the Burkinabe people to improve their lives and country through several successful initiatives. Now, we are focused on ending deforestation through the development of sustainable biomass based bio-charcoal. 

Our mission statement

Founded for the purpose of assisting the people of Burkina Faso to develop a more verdant and secure society, the Mission Statement of Empower Village is “Bettering the lives of people by Empowering Through Technology”

Our impact

Sharing cultures


David visits with Burkinabe locals at a community center run by Empower Village  

Giving back


Romaric (second from right) meets with students and teachers at  the computer lab he established at his former secondary school

Making connections


David visits with a village leader and makes important connections for Empower Village